On the forefront of the health insurance evolution.

If you’re looking for a company that provides unique group health solutions for your clients, as well as the best opportunities and support for its brokers and agents, you came to the right place! IHIP was formed in 2010 with a mission to bring INNOVATIVE and disruptive strategies to the insurance marketplace.

Why work with the same carriers and the same products that give the same increases year after year? If you find yourself out in the marketplace competing against other brokers selling the same old stuff, call us today and let IHIP help you reset your marketing efforts and maximize your potential!


How is IHIP truly different?

IHIP is proud to partner with the best carriers to offer brokers, agents and clients a unique, level-funded, group health benefit program aimed at maximizing benefits for employees, while delivering cost saving opportunities to employers. These plans are a great alternative to traditional, fully insured group health plans. Monthly premiums are locked in for the plan year and savings are deposited back into the plan, which help keep renewal rates lower than comparable fully insured plans.